Adult Audition Workshop – Monday Sept. 18th – 7pm – 9pm

Duration: 2 hours

Number of Participants: 6-8

Cost: $30

Open to the Public ($5)

Recommended: a memorized monologue (1 minute in length)

Local acting coach, Michael Domeny, and director, Kelsey Domeny, team up to offer detailed and dynamic feedback for a select group of actors. This workshop will place the actors into three common audition situations—monologues, cold reads, and improvisation—with the added benefits of personalized, professional feedback and a chance to perform a second time to integrate any new suggestions.

This workshop is also open for anyone who wishes to sit in the audience and benefit second-hand from the discussion, for a small entrance fee. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to hone your skills in a positive, low-pressure environment so that you may approach your next audition with even more confidence.



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