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Dear Friends,

How do you feed your soul?

Around here I know that singing a song, taking in a musical or comedy, rehearsing with others to get that “scene” just right, taking a lesson in music or theatre, or coming to share an awesome evening of local theatre all contribute: whether onstage or in the audience we are all nourished by the creative arts. These experiences challenge our minds, giving us the substance to put that extra spring in our step or our lives.

In The Majestic’s 26 years we’ve done just that. We have sustained you, moved you, made you laugh, brought a tear to your eye or even surprised you with a twist of the plot. Above all we’ve aimed to make The Majestic Theatre performances and learning experiences accessible and affordable to all in our community the best we can.

This is your chance to support The Majestic Theatre! Your financial donation can pay the royalties to present a play or musical for hundreds of people. Your gift can support the costs of running 4 rehearsal rooms, 13 music studios, as well as facilities for our offices and the storage of our props, costumes, and sets. Your gift can provide courtesy stipends for our talented directors, musicians, and choreographers. Your gift can help pay for a child to attend a camp or participate in a production when their family can’t afford it. I guarantee your financial donation will provide joy and nourishment that will last a lifetime.

Our need here for your financial gift is really vital. Ticket sales alone will not be enough to reach our budget nor allow us to continue to serve you and our community. Your financial gift will be the difference; the match strike to ignite Majestic’s next chapter. With your help we’ll continue to serve you and those around you!

I thank you for your time and consideration. There are many worthy causes to support and I hope The Majestic holds a special place in your heart.

A. Robert Dionne, Artistic Director
on behalf of The Majestic Theatre Board & Staff

The Majestic Theatre
Offices & Rehearsal Studios
880 Page Street
Manchester, NH 03109

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